Dialoguing ‘Between the Posts’ Vol. 2: agenda and useful info

Dear Dialoguers,

We would like to announce that our program for the workshop Dialoguing between the posts 2.0: (im)possible dialogue between the progressive forces of the ‘posts’ is prepared and distributed to all the participants yesterday. As organizing committee we have decided to make working part of the workshop closed for anyone else but registered participants. In case you would like to attend the workshop as a non-presenting participant, please contact us vie e-mail on dialoguingposts2@gmail.com as soon possible, since we can make only a limited number of places available.

A lecture that will be given by Professor Madina Tlostanova ‘The Post-Socialist Condition and the Decolonial Option’ will be a public event and advertised on as much channels as possible. The lecture is scheduled for 18.15 on 15 June in Hall 1 at the Faculty of Political Sciences – all welcome!

We are looking forward to see you participating in these promising and exciting debates, or to see you at least attending the public lecture of a prominent scholar in the field, Professor Madina Tlostanova.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Sanja Petkovska

Špela Drnovšek Zorko

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