Dialoguing between the posts 2.0 workshop: (im)possible dialogue between the progressive forces of the ‘posts’ – follow up

Dear Dialoguers,

We would like to thank to all the participants for making the effort to come to Belgrade and take part in Dialoguing 2.0 workshop. It has been a really amazing experience for us, and we hope also it was for all of the participants. Excuse us if anything was going wrong during the workshop – both of us were very tired, but gave our best to make you feel welcomed to Belgrade and Faculty of Political Sciences.

Big thanks to professor Jelena Đorđević since she got approved the venue by FPN for this workshop. The institutions that provided financial and other means for us to manage this event are listed in program in the end of the document and we really appreciate them being kind and professional with us.

Pictures from the event are stored here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HzV4XKcmjKctYLC38. Please feel free to add all those you have to this folder, since the settings were made for that to be possible. Add also even the photos of your experience during the stay in Belgrade, even if not related to the workshop itself – it would provide us a valuable insight into the experience you have had here.

What we did not highlighted enough is a need for this network to start to get some shape of organization, continuity & stability. One of the current ideas is to make a mailing list of all those interested to make the efforts related to this and then see who will come up with the next idea. The biggest problem is financial resources, but it is not impossible to handle – as we have seen in case of this event.

The program of the workshop could be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Also if anyone is interested, Sanja’s review of a book of professor Phil Cohen has been published on the website Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, so check it out here: https://marxandphilosophy.org.uk/reviews/17028_archive-that-comrade-left-legacies-and-the-counter-culture-of-remembrance-by-phil-cohen-reviewed-by-sanja-petkovska/?fbclid=IwAR0sE60zIq316NY_9eWuOSsrBwMte6gbMHZ4f3WetbQU0OKl3I6LY320GM4.

Finally, Sanja is having some ideas for preparation of a joint volume out of the contributions from this workshop. During the next few days several publishers Sanja is having some contacts with will be contacted to see if they would possible could be interested in publishing and supporting that project.  Everyone interested to take part in this, to be co-editor of the book or to prepare a chapter based on the presentation from the conference, get in touch with Sanja as soon possible (get in touch with her via personal e-mal obtainable via: dialoguingposts2@gmail.com)

We are looking forward to preserve this valuable initiative and contacts with all of you in forms and ways possible to last. Thank you once more for your efforts and valuable contributions.

Best wishes,

Špela & Sanja


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