The ‘Dialoguing Posts’ Network (DPN) aims to enhance the dialogue between postsocialist and post-/decolonial theory and practice in order to critically inquire the effects of systemic domination and theoretical and practical ways of overcoming them. Our goal is to promote and foster new ways of analysing power, domination and resistance within a global context of contemporary capitalism by revealing historical and material commonalities, intersecting imperial legacies and connected intellectual heritages of postsocialist, postcolonial and postimperial contexts worldwide.

In trying to bridge the conceptual, epistemological and political gulf separating different bodies of knowledge, this initiative aims at strengthening dialogue between postsocialism and postcolonialism as historical conditions, experiential realities, theoretical traditions and political articulations that resonate but also divert in their specific trajectories. The main task of the network is to set up an interdisciplinary research agenda in the social sciences that inspires theoretical and methodological innovations, as well as alternative political imaginations in close collaboration with practice-based and activist initiatives and projects. In doing so, we aim at strengthening and expanding our existing collective of academics, activists, public intellectuals, practitioners and artists interested in extending and deepening this dialogue.

Finally, DPN is particularly interested in forging collaborations in postsocialist, postcolonial and post-conflict regions by engaging in ongoing debates in local theory building and public issues, but also by providing a platform for local academics and practitioners in laying out a common agenda for thinking ‘between the posts’.